The Four Sixes

Remember the beautifully strong, seamless unity of the four Twos? Now triple it. The Sixes represent the pinnacle of perfection that each suit strives for -- an intersection of energy and balance that makes anything seem possible. Evolution is messy, painful work, but when a species suddenly finds its niche, it can flourish there for millions of years, like crocodiles have. When it comes to evolution of a personal nature, sometimes circumstances will suddenly favor us, and we fly ahead with the wind under us, doing exactly what we were made to do. Those times can seem to be few and far between, but they don't have to be, especially when you know what to look out for. The Sixes are a veritable sampler platter loaded with different flavors of personal triumph; I recommend tasting them all.

As for my initial statement comparing them to the Twos, you can see this similarity for yourself. Back then we had two points floating in space. Since there are only two of them, they rely completely on each other as points of comparison, sort of like those number-line problems you may have encountered in algebra class. Adding a third point gives their perspective actual depth, and this cluster now functions as an individual point, beginning the replication process all over again in a fractal pattern. And of course, the first step of that is discovering its mirror image.

. .

. .

Adding that sixth point makes this image complete; symbolically it's a return to one's origin, but with all the fruits of experience one has gathered along the way. Looking at each of the cards above should remind you of the intimate relationship you once had with the world, before you knew who you were or what you wanted, and that completion and creation needn't always find themselves at odds with each other -- at certain points they are one and the same.

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