About This Site

Arcanalogue is a way to understand the Tarot's dusty, centuries-old cards via the art, events, and symbols of today -- and vice versa. My posts isolate a single card and offer a new interpretation of it based on projects found online: painting, sculpture, comics, photography, architecture, fashion, theatre, music -- nearly every artistic medium you can think of has shown up on this site at some point. Each of the 78 cards has been covered at least twice, and a host of special interviews and instructional posts have been added.

I'm very proud to note that Arcanalogue was posted to
MetaFilter in September 2008. The site was also featured in Flavorpill's Daily Dose in March 2009!

I welcome questions and feedback from readers (of both Arcanalogue and of the Tarot in general). You can reach me by writing to arcanalogue at gmail.com. I do charge for actual readings, but usually the money I make from them is donated to the literacy charity First Book (more info here...).

How To Use Arcanalogue

My entries are posted on the front page chronologically; click the image to learn more about the card. If you want to learn more about a specific card, the sidebar links will take you to whichever one you choose.

I've made judicious use of labels on this site; click a label (found at the bottom of each post) such as "king" or "majorarcana" to see all other cards in this category. The links on the sidebar use labels where possible -- for example, the "Ace of Wands" link will show you every version of that particular card.

The recently added "Draw One Card" feature will select one entry from this site at random, and can be used as a quick meditation or divination exercise.

At the end of many entries, you'll notice a "[Via]" link to a post on MetaFilter, a community blog where members share stellar, original, and significant stuff on the web. MeFi is where I find inspiration for a lot of my cards; I try to link back to original posts whenever possible, to give credit where credit is due. Keep in mind that the original poster and/or commentors may have a much different take on the material than what I've presented here.

Additional Notes

I've produced all the site's card-imagery myself, except where noted. My enthusiasm and impatience often outrun my actual Photoshop skills, so mileage varies. I currently have no plans to produce an actual Arcanalogue deck, as I don't own the publishing rights to any of these images.

I hold the copyright to all text, except where credit to others is given; the usual disclaimers apply. I do not profess to see the future or have any psychic abilities; I consider myself a curator of the cards and an excellent reader of them, but I'm not a "fortune-teller", a distinction which I'm very careful to uphold.

Special thanks for inspiration and/or technical help:

Amber Bowyer, Ben Epstein, Greg Erskine, William Ferguson, Brian Foote, Vincent Gonzalez, Chris Kelly, Jacob Krueger, Lori Jackson, Jordan Myers, Lucy Pastier, Amy Lee Pearsall, Robert M. Place, Nick Schall, Brandon Schoech, Colin Shepherd, Jonathan Soma, and Jeffrey Starr.